Find out about all the big changes we’ve made to PriceEdge in the last quarter, including adding a new way to work with processes, a new interface for attribute-based pricing and bundle (BOM) pricing, as well as a bunch of smaller improvements and additions across the solution. Most of our updates will affect all our users and be rolled out to production environments during the evening of the 15th of June.

As part of the release, we will also sunset some of the legacy views in the system, including some standard reports and the set price screens. What was possible in these sunseed views can to a large extent be recreated with KPI columns and via the price grids.


One of the large new addition in this release is our new processes, which can now be enabled on top of all price objects as well as price grids. This is now a much easier way to set up and manage processes, for price requests, price work, and approvals.Process board

Adding new processes is done via the settings area, and each stage of processes can be steered with user rights as well as be associated with procedures (to take actions within the solution).



Updated interface for Attribute-based pricing

Our interface for creating price logic based on attributes has gotten a UI update and has also found a new home in the solution, as part of the detailed object view of price groups.

You find the new interface on the tab on price groups called “Price Setup”.

The formula set up works similar to how it was done before, but you now also have access to a standard price list report under accordion “Pricelists” as well as more KPIs under the accordion “KPIs”.

Another improvement is the use of grid templates on the data table associated with the view, which means you can configure what columns you want to see here.

New bundle interface

Our old BOM interface is now also replaced with a new generic Bundle step (that you can configure as a price rules) in the strategies, and we have also added the option to steer the Bundle relationships directly from the Items object – where you can now add children from the parent item directly.

Bundles pricing


Item Object now works like the other objects

As part of this release, we have also streamlined the approach across all our price objects, which means the detailed item view now looks and behaves like all other objects. This means you can now see what price lists, price groups, and processes are associated with the item you are looking at in the expandable area on the right.


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