This quarter we have been working a lot on improving some of our existing features but have also been able to add some new ones – including a completely new area for account information.

Most of these updates will affect all our users and be rolled out to production environments on the 7th of June.

Account Area

To help visualize and clarify how much you use of your current PriceEdge license (Essential, Standard, Enterprise) we have added a completely new Account area under settings.

Here you can see how what license you are on, what your limits are, and how much you are currently using. In upcoming releases, this area will be expanded with even more information, including billing details, and potential add-on upgrades.


New Academy

As we want to make it even easier to get started with PriceEdge we have revamped our approach to training and launched a completely new online Academy that you can access with a link under your profile name.

During the rest of 2023 we will expand the Academy with a bunch of new courses (large and small) and also launch the possibility for you to become certified.


More Grid Features

From this release and onwards you will now also be able to add formatting rules to your numeric grid columns – including 2 and 3-clour scales as well as data bars

You find these new options in the grid edit flow under Price Grids.


Insight Builder

We have also launched a new Analytical tool called Insight Builder in this release that will be accessible for those of you that are on a license that includes our Optimize module.

This new tool allows you to use prebuilt segmentation models across any of your price objects, such as customers and items. In upcoming releases, this functionality will also include the possibility to do it on item-price lists.

Note that in this release the functionality is also limited to adding new segmentation logic directly from the UI. In future releases, PriceEdge will also include prebuilt models (both AI and logic-driven) that you can use out-of-the-box.