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Here is a list of last month’s best pricing reads:

Price actions and customer experience (Ibbaka)

Harnessing Pricing Power to Create Lasting Value (Bain)

Podcast: The Successful Pricing Transformation Journey (PPS)

3 Measures for Construction Wholesalers to Compete with Increasing Online Competition (Simon Kucher)

Pricing Policies That Protect Your Brand (Harvard Business Review)

How Dynamic Pricing Can Save Brick-and-Mortar Retail in 2020 (365 Retail)

Where Should Pricing Decision-Making Live Within an Organization? (Insight Partners)

Pricing Dashboard Design (Tim J Smith on LinkedIn)

5 Ways to Escape Pricing and Sales Pressure through Digitalization (Simon Kucher)

Competitive Pricing Intelligence (Loon Lee Spielmann on LinkedIn)

Pricing Algorithms: The Next Step In An Outdated Business Model (Forbes)

How to do a competitive analysis in 7 steps (John Boitnott on LinkedIn)

The data you need to collect to inform pricing actions (Ibbaka)

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