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Here is a list of this summer’s best pricing reads:

Pricing and promotions: The analytics opportunity (Mckinsey)

A Unique Intersection of Game Theory and Data Science: E-Commerce Product Pricing (Medium)

Pricing Concept: The SALVE Framework of Price Image (The Pricing Conundrum)

Why AI Transformations Should Start with Pricing (BCG)

Price Increases & Inflation (SKP)

Great Pricing is Consistent, Transparent, and Fair (Arthur Ventures)

Set up your pricing team like a submarine crew! (Pricing Works on LinkedIn)

7 new product-led insights (Growth Unhinged)

Is it Possible to Harmonize Global Prices in an Increasingly Transparent World? (SKP)

The Great Pricing Debate (Subscribed)

Why the Company’s Core Values Matter & Should Influence Its Pricing Strategy (The Pricing Conundrum)

Value: Case Study (Pricing for associations)

Seven Keys to Successfully Increasing Prices in 2021 (Wiglaf Journal)

When Should You Lower Your Price? (Mark Stiving on LinkedIn)

Revenue and Pricing Strategies for Virtual Events (Pricing for associations)

Should I Publish My Pricing? (SaaStr)


And two podcasts:

Topicus, PharmaPartners, & VMS Value-Based Pricing (In Practise)

Pricing Guru Madhavan Ramanujam: How Smart Startups Design Their Products Around the Price (Starting Greatness)


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