2019 PriceEdge Retreat

September 30, 2019 in Blog

Two weeks ago, the Stockholm and Bucharest office spent a couple of great days together in Sicily outside Marsala, to work together, reconnect, and plan out our growth plan for the next 12 months. We set up camp in a fantastic Airbnb where we worked, cooked, and shared stories together. As a team, we wanted to celebrate our success, and spend some time away from the everyday hustle, to think about our company vision, and work on strategies for the future.

A retreat with coworkers can test the culture of a company, but for the Price Edge team, it felt more like a family reunion than a company event. We already spend time with each other out of the office, but the benefit of going on a retreat is that it encourages rewarding conversations and collaboration in a new, relaxing environment.

Looking Toward the Future

Our company trip was a roaring success, and we look forward to putting the conversations we had in to work. We’re already looking toward the future with excitement as our team grows quickly to meet the demands we have from our clients.

Company get-togethers are one of the best ways to keep your team engaged and highly motivated. It also helps to bond further between team members while having fun in a different environment.

You can check out some of what we got up in our pictures below.


2018 PriceEdge Retreat

May 14, 2018 in Blog

Spoiler alert: We had an all-around fantastic retreat 😊

Two weeks ago, the Stockholm and Bucharest office spent a couple of great days together in Sintra outside Lisbon, to work together, reconnect, and get some key development tickets kickstarted. It appears from the photos that we mostly ate, drank and laughed, but truth be told, when we get together, mostly we get a lot of stuff done including a bunch of ping pong games 😉.

Since we are a distributed team working form different locations (4 from Sweden, 6 from Bucharest and 1 from Vienna), we usually all only get to work togheter as two-dimensional people over Skype and Slack calls.

Our main goal for when we get together each year is to create shared memories. This means spending quality face time with each other, cooking, eating, doing yoga (Radu & Radu) and getting key discussions and decisions made. Basically, the idea is to recharge our emotional batteries for the months ahead and ahve a clear plan on how to proceed with our projects, when we each go back to our seperate offices.

We also use the retreats to talk strategy as a team and have company-wide conversations if needed, but that’s only a small part of the retreat, as it eats into the having fun time!

This years retreat was our second retreat together. The last one was in New York during the spring of 2016, which included some crazy nights including a visit to one of Håkan Hellströms local gigs.

The Location

We always try to avoid hotel accommodations; nothing against them, but we prefer to spend our retreats in a more comfy and relaxed space where we feel at home.

This year the choice was easy as we could combine a visit to the NYPS pricing conference with our own retreat. Hence the selected to rent a large villa in lovely Sintra just outside Lisbon.

PriceEdge Retreat

First team checking in…

PriceEdge Retreat

…and checking out the view

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