A couple of weeks ago, the Stockholm and Bucharest office, as well as some of our remote engineers, spent a couple of days together on Ornö outside Stockholm, to work together, reconnect, and plan out our growth plan for 2021. Due to the coronavirus restrictions, we had to rethink our yearly meetup and decided to run a meetup closer to our Stockholm HQ to reduce travel needs and as well have parts of the company join in remotely (about half could join in onsite this year).

We set up camp in a large villa built-in 1920 by what can best be described as the Swedish Gatbsy. During the roaring 20s he used the villa for parties after Grand hotel Stockholm closed in the evening by taking the party-goers on his steam-powered yacht out to the villa in the late night. With large rooms, plenty of bedrooms, and a private beach & sauna this suited our meetup needs perfectly.

During the week we worked, cooked, and workshopped together. As a team, we wanted to celebrate our success, and spend some time away from the everyday hustle, to think about our company vision, and work on product and organization strategies for the future. The sauna and the local tennis court also got its fair use.

Our 2020 company trip was a success in the end, even though not all could join psychically, we hope that next year we can all be there. We now look forward to putting the conversations we had in to work. We’re already looking toward the future with excitement as our team grows quickly to meet the demands we have from our clients.

You can check out some of what we got up in our pictures below.