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Here is a list of last month’s best pricing reads:

Coronavirus Has Upended Everything Airlines Know About Pricing (WSJ)

Now What? Better Cost-Based Pricing, or Value-Based Pricing? (Industry Week)

Agile Pricing: How to Deliver Effective Pricing Outcomes (SKP)

Podcast: Pricing Lessons from Working with 30+ Seed and Series A B2B Startups (firstround.com)

Trust is the key to value-based pricing (Ibbaka)

Competition In SaaS Leads to A Lot of Things. But Not Lower Prices, Usually (Saastr)

7 Costly Pricing Pitfalls and An Approach to Avoid Them (Kevin Marasco on LinkedIn)

Is Your Pricing Model Obsolete? Tech Innovations Are Enabling Pricing-Based Disruptions (FuseBill)

Levi Strauss And Its Good-Better-Best Strategy (Forbes)

Digital Promotions: Advantages of Promotion Database Managemen (SKP)

Podcast: Why Pricing Is Not Primarily About Price (The Melting Pot)

Hubspot’s Shadow Value Metric (Good Better Best)

Podcast: A day in the life of a pricing executive (Impact Pricing)

The 3 Types of Day 1 Pricing: Low End of Normal. Identical. And Anchor High (Saastr)

The rise of pricing professionals in the business world (Charles Aris Blog)

How to price … Ibbaka guides to value-based pricing decisions and tools (Ibbaka)

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