Every month the Price Edge team puts together a curated list of all the must-read pricing articles picked up from a variety of trusted online sources.

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Here is a list of last month’s best pricing reads:

How AI Can Help Companies Set Prices More Ethically (Harvard Business Review)

So Many Ways to Price (Arthur Ventures)

E-books: Publishers are Decreasing Prices in Spite of Consumers’ Willingness to Pay More (SKP)

Dynamic Pricing (Accenture via EPP)

Winning Aspirations – What pricing goals are we trying to achieve (Ibbaka)

Price Differentiation—From Legacy To Holy Grail (Dr. Fabian Uhrich on LinkedIn)

Capturing the value of MedTech ingenuity – The case for pricing innovation (Deloitte)

How to introduce usage-based pricing (Ibbaka)

Podcast: Pricing Right (Fox Talk Business)

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