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Here is a list of last month’s best pricing reads:

Why Is Every Streaming Service Using the Same Pricing Model? (Harvard Business Review)

Three Steps To Choose Your Pricing Strategy (Forbes)

Choosing the Right Pricing Model for Equipment as a Service (Bain & Company)

The 7 Basic Pricing Strategies (Medium)

How to hire a pricing consultant (ibbaka)

How Targeted Ads and Dynamic Pricing Can Perpetuate Bias (Harvard Business Review)

B2B buyers press B2B sellers to up their ecommerce game (Digital Commerce 360)

Your SaaS Pricing Committee: Why, What and How (Bronte Philips on LinkedIn)

What’s More Important: Value Or Price? And How To Project Value To Customers (Forbes)

Dynamic pricing is a two edged sword (ibbaka)

Anchoring High in Pricing Really Works. But Only If You Do It Really Well. (SaaStr)

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