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Here is a list of last month’s best pricing reads:

Wallet Allocation – Net Promoter Score – Pricing (Ibbaka)

Coronavirus: Pricing Dos and Don’ts for a Crisis (Simon Kucher)

Competitive B2B Pricing For Complex Systems (PPS Podcast)

Preserving Revenues in B2B Markets as Covid-19 Spreads (Bain)

Getting the Price Right to Strengthen Your Business in a Time of Crisis (Amadeus Petzke on LinkedIn)

Pricing under uncertainty and the need for usage-based pricing (Ibbaka)

Building a portfolio of pricing actions (Ibbaka)

Price Gouging and Revenue Management (Robert Cross on LinkedIn)

How to avoid Mozart’s mistakes in subscription pricing – Lessons from the subscription economy of the 18th century (Alessandro Monti on linkedIn)

Emergency Pricing Against the Corona Crisis (Simon Kucher)

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