Every month the Price Edge team puts together a curated list of all the must-read pricing articles picked-up from a variety of trusted online sources.

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Here is a list of last month’s best pricing reads:

CDMOs: A Value-based Approach to Pricing! (SKP)

Drift’s Product-Led Pricing Page (Good Better Best Blog)

Strategic Choice Cascade for Pricing (Ibbaka Talent Case Study)

How to gain Pricing Power (C-Suite Network)

Challenges and Priorities for Tech Companies along the Pricing Journey (SKP)

Your pricing model needs a value model (Ibbaka)

The $.99 Pricing Trick Really Does Work. Sometimes. (Wall Street Journal)

Youtube: How To Implement Freemium Pricing (SaaStock How-To Series)

Packaging 101: Structuring your Offering to Maximize Revenue and Delight Customers (Insight Partners)

Q&A: Effective transfer pricing strategies in the COVID-19 era (Financier Worldwide)

$21,400 is better than $20,000 (Ariyh on Substack)

How to survive the next price war (Analytic Dashboards Blog)

The Purpose of Business and Pricing (Tim J Smith on LinkedIn)

Required Pricing Deliverable (Wiglaf Pricing)

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