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Here is a list of last month’s best pricing reads:

Conquering Dynamic Pricing (SKP)

Margins and the Stealth-Tech Strategy (The Diff)

Usage Pricing: Better Than Subscriptions? (Forbes)

The Pricing Forum 2020: Monetisation Through Uncertain Times (SKP)

Podcast: How Subscription Models Help You Win, Keep, and Grow Customers with Mark Stiving (Enterprise Product Leadership)

Price Gouging Laws: Can Promotional Pricing Become Your New Price? (The National Law Review)

Holiday e-tailer manages seasonal pricing with AI (CSA)

Three Lessons from a P&G Price Increase (Mark Stiving on LinkedIn)

3 Marketing Pricing Strategies That Will Win You More Customers (Entrepreneur)

Improving Your Pricing Strategy: Simple Steps to Increased Profits (Industry Week)

An ultimate guide about the Competitive pricing strategy-B2C and B2B (Big News Network)

Pricing Strategy: How To Price Your Services And Products Correctly (Authentic Storytelling)

The Fundamentals of Subscription Pricing (SKP)

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