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Here is a list of last month’s best pricing reads:

Dynamic pricing: Using digital and analytics to take value pricing in the chemical industry to the next level (McKinsey)

Pricing Algorithms and Implications for Competition (CPI)

What is Price Benchmarking? For Global Luxury Brands, It’s Now Crucial (Jing Daily)

How should retailers raise prices to offset tariffs? (RetailWire)

Whole Foods Under Amazon Is Still The Priciest Grocer. Do We Care? (Forbes)

Why You Consistently Overvalue Your Products and Yourself: The Endowment Effect (Forbes)

80/20 Pricing: Increasing Profits by Focusing on High Impact Value Drivers (Paul Hunt on LinkedIn)

When You Raise Prices More Than a Smidge … They At Least Look At Another Vendor (Saastr)

Podcast: Life as a Pricing Pro at SendGrid & InVision (OV|BUILD)

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