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Here is a list of last month’s best pricing reads:

An Inside Look at How SurveyMonkey Overhauled Pricing After 10 Years (OV Blog)

Pricing actions and the COVID 19 crisis (Ibbaka)

Why The C-Suite Cannot Overlook The Power Of Pricing (CEO Today)

Succeeding at Business Model Transformation through systematic Change Management (Felix Krohn on LinkedIn)

How to use indexed pricing as the economy recovers from the pandemic (Ibbaka)

Price Segmentation: The Second Most Powerful Pricing Tool (Mark Stiving on LinkedIn)

Pricing in Times of Crisis (part 2): Manage Financial Anxiety With Cash Flow Management (Psychology of pricing)

How to Price—and Sell—in a Pandemic (BCG)

Webinar: Agile Pricing – Delivering Effective Pricing Outcomes (PPS)

Podcast: Pricing Strategies for Uncertain Times (Harvard Business Review)

The Ultimate Price Increase Strategy for eCommerce (Business 2 Community)

The Need For Commercial Excellence 2.0 – Part 1 (PPS)

How To Drive Up Your Average Deal Size. And Remember — Almost All Pricing is Relative (Jason Lemkin on LinkedIn)

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